Fabric of Life
Surrounding ourselves with things that are colorful, comforting and represent a peak from our past, present and a glimpse of the future...makes us feel at home. And nothing can create that feeling like fabric.

The Fabric of Life collection is a custom wall art display that is created for the exact space in the home or corporate office. Created by LTD Designís Lorrie Determann, the Fabric of Life custom wall art is a one-of-a-kind way to bring art, color and texture to your living space.

This well thought out and creatively designed display incorporates the feel of the space and tastes of those who belong there. Unique fabrics are combined using many colors, shapes and textures that provide a clean backdrop for...life! The carefully selected fabrics are mounted and backed with mahogany plywood.

No two designs are the same. Each is created specifically for the people and the room. In fact, many people enjoy having a piece of their personal fabric incorporated into the design....such as a luxurious piece of velvet from an unforgettable prom, the leather from dadís favorite jacket, or the satin from grandmaís wedding dress.

This unique creation is well suited to just about any style of home or office...the fabric and color selections will speak to the style.

The design process begins with a meeting to review the room, space and discussion about the focus of the piece. If you would like to have some personal fabric items incorporated into design, please have them ready at this initial meeting. Then, the search begins! Your custom creation will take approximately 3 to 4 weeks, and includes installation.

Price range is determined by fabrics used and size of piece.

What We Do:
  For Home...
• Living Rooms
• Master Bedrooms
• Great Rooms
For Office...
• Conference Rooms
• Lobbys
• Executive Offices

Custom wall art that is a one-of-a-kind way to bring art, color and texture to your living space and or work environment.


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