Time for a slight change or complete overhaul?
We can do both! We specialize in truly making the most of what you’ve got. We enjoy being creative on any size budget. In fact, we enjoy the process of room redesign...where we take your existing pieces and make your rooms better with good design and layout techniques.

Our “design on a dime” residential package could be just the help you need to give your home an added spark! For as little as $500, we’ll help you take your room from bland to grand.

Since we are not affiliated with any particular brands...you don’t need to worry that we are recommending products that do nothing more than cost you money. We seek out the best products at the best price...and that means VALUE! Our value to you is to spend your money wisely and provide you with the design expertise that will make all the difference.

Many people love the “shabby chic” approach...using wonderful used (antiques!) and personal items to make a comfortable yet stylish home. On our buying trips we are always finding terrific slightly used items at incredible prices. Combine that with our creative design eye and your rooms look like a million!

What We Do:
  • Color schemes - Interior and Exterior
• Furniture
• Wall and Floor finishes
• Lighting
• Floral and Plant design

Bring class and taste into any space.

We enjoy being creative on any size budget.LTD can design on a dime for you.


169 South River Road, Suite 8
Bedford, NH 03110