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Outsourcing Your Marketing
Will Save You Money..

Posted: August 31, 2009
by Lorrie T. Determann

Every business would love to have the budget to employ a full-time marketing expert, graphic designer, copywriter, media buyer, public relations specialist, website guru, social media specialist, and internet ad click expert. But, let’s be realistic. Most businesses just can’t afford to employ that level of expertise to assist them with their marketing efforts. While it may sound expensive, there are actually some full-service marketing organizations, like LTD Company, that provide expertise in all these areas for less than half of what it would cost for you to hire just one of the professionals listed above. When you are ready to commit to a consistent marketing effort, you need to find a company that provides these services and plan to make it a long-term relationship.

The most successful marketing campaigns are ones that engage not only the target audience, but the employees of the business being marketed. A marketing company team of experts serves as a professional sounding board that spearheads campaigns that will truly reflect the “voice” of the business and create a relationship marketing effort with the target audience. That effort takes time and attention. Your marketing efforts are a year-in, year-out effort. Don’t think you can simply work hard on it for a few months and then you’re set. As each individual business and market grows and changes, the marketing plan must change along with it.

An exceptional marketing company will monitor the success of each campaign and make changes based upon results. For example, the marketing plan for the first year of a new business will be very different from year two. If your company is doing the same things in year five...you are most likely missing new segments of your marketplace that need to be uncovered. Based upon your annual gross sales and marketing budget, services of a marketing company can be yours for as little as $1,000 per month. How else could you have that level of expertise for such short money? Invest in your marketing efforts... it will boost sales and keep you in business for the long term.

Even in a down economy, your marketing efforts can help you maintain your market share and will send your numbers climbing much quicker when the economy turns around. Sitting on the sidelines only hinders your growth, and can have a demoralizing effect on your staff. The world really does revolve around marketing, isn’t it time you got serious about yours?

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